“Feel the Green & Gold Beat” explained

When it comes to sports, Australians and Brazilians share the passion for the same colours. We both love the Green & Gold.

In Brazil, we call it “Verde & Amarelo” (in Portuguese). The green symbolises the flora and fauna especially the Amazon rainforest. The gold represents the wealth of the nation’s soil including the rich gold reserves. These are the colours that inspire kids to play the beautiful game. Colours that make them dream, train harder, and accelerates their heartbeats.

Our Australian colours are also Green and Gold. Aussies are proud of these colours. The gold symbolises the beaches and the green symbolises our forests and pastures of the Australian landscape. It also is the colours of our national emblem, the golden wattle.

Our vision is to improve Australia as a soccer nation through effective youth development. We want to see Australia being competitive on the world stage and we want to play a part in that. We want to bring the elements which result in Brazil producing the highest number of world class players.

We want Aussies to feel the same passion Brazilians have for soccer. Passion which beats from our hearts right through our bodies. Passion which fuel their hunger during training and as a result, fire up their performance and creativity. In soccer, passion & performance will always play together.

We are an elite soccer and futsal academy. Our programs are designed to boost our players’ creativity and their ability to improvise. It’s been 10 years and thousands of football players have been impacted by our programs. We love what we do.

And we want more and more Aussies to “Feel the Green & Gold beat” the same way we do. Feel the joy, the pride, the magic, the desire to wear the National Jersey and become a Champion.

The Green & Gold beat connects us. Can you feel it?

Leandro Mercaldi
Marketing Manager of Soccer de Brazil