Meet James, who joined SDB 3 years ago through one of our Holiday Camps. We’ve asked his mom Tamara to share a bit of his journey:

SDB: How did you choose SDB?

Tamara: “James loves soccer and we were wanting to try out some new soccer schools. We love the Brazilian style, saw an ad for SDB and gave it a go. We haven’t tried anywhere else since the initial holiday camp.”

SDB: What made you stay with SDB?

Tamara: “The coaches suggested we try the SDB Minis and from Day 1 James has thought the world of Coach Roberto. James loves the fast pace of the training sessions, the skills and the flair. As James has progressed with SDB, he loves the competitions and summer futsal. Always supported by the SDB coaches. And its FUN!”

SDB: Do you see progress?

Tamara: “Absolutely. The skills that James brings to his local team have all been developed at SDB. He has had some amazing moments on the field. We are very proud. What has also been awesome is the emotional support that James has received at training too. Handling wins with dignity, coping with loss, working together as a team are all very important too.”

SDB: Would you recommend the holiday camps?

Tamara: “We would definitely recommend them. Despite it being a so much fun and where James made friends, they are a great way to see what happens during term. The kids learn so much during the week and it’s wonderful to see the progress even after this short time.”