We are proud of how a lot of our former players have grown and developed from young kids to young men and women still engaged at a high level in football. Many of them have gone on to do great things and most of all, turned out to be good people.

Former SDB players, now role models for the new generation of Aussie players.

We want to show our next generation of players what can happen when they join us, work hard, and grow through our program before moving off to pursue the next stage in their football development. We want them to see how we can impact a player’s development. We are calling this “the SDB Effect”.

Here, we proudly share with you some victorious journeys through football, as we know those stories will inspire thousands of players from various ages. Enjoy the reading!

Isabella Chidiac. “I will make it”

PLAYER NAME: Isabella Chidiac PLAYER DOB: 04/04/2004 PLAYER AGE WHEN STARTED WITH SDB: 7 NUMBER OF YEARS THE PLAYER TRAINED WITH SDB: 4 WHY FOOTBALL (how football entered your life and why do you still love this sport)? Football entered my life at [...]

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