Private Coaching Sessions

Are You Ready to be Challenged?

Blast through your football developmental barriers. Reignite your passion for training. Play with boldness & joy!
WHY Private Coaching WORKS
1on1 sessions with your Coach are a high-intensity program to address the players’ weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths in a way not possible in another group setting:
  • You are the centre of attention
  • Working towards your personal goals (no matter the ability)
  • Psychological Development (build up confidence)
  • Practice makes permanent (learn and refine new techniques)
  • More touches of the ball

SDB Private Coaching provides the perfect opportunity to deliver detailed coaching points that will increase the player’s performance:

  • Train in a positive environment, break down mental barriers and lift your confidence to new levels
  • Find the advice and drills you need to possess great technical skills and strive for continuous improvement

We offer private coaching sessions in the following format:

1 on 1 Training

  • 1 coach with 1 player. This format is great for the individualised coaching.
  • Coaches can fine tune their training to address players’ weaknesses and maximize their strengths.

Group Sessions

  • These sessions are delivered in small groups or 2, 3, or 4 players with 1 coach.
  • The benefits of this format are that players are motivated to push harder when training with their peers, the other group members take turns in being a live opponent, and the cost per player is less than a 1 on 1 session.

At SDB Academy, players are developed to a level where they get selected for Premier Academy League squads, club’s Skills Acquisition Programs (SAP) National Premier League (NPL) youth teams, A-League teams and overseas football opportunities.

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