We take an innovative approach to football training by mixing various sub-programs within a macro-cycle (annual plan towards a longer-term goal) of training for the entire year to foster intensive development and create a more “all-rounded” player capable to succeed in any football environment.

These sub-programs include:

  • Our Football Training Curriculum: Age level specific, which progresses as players move through the various age groups/skill levels
  • GINGA sessions: Focusing on using flair and creativity to overcome the opposition in a 1v1 situation
  • Private Coaching sessions: Focus on developing the individual skills of a player through in-game situation exercises
  • PDE (Perceive, Decide, Execute) sessions: Focusing on improving response times and decision making (available in WA only)

Led by internationally accredited coaches, our Football Academy uses our “holistic” approach to develop players and also give them responsibility for their own development.

The holistic approach to coaching recognises the need to expose players to the full resistance which you can find in games. Skilful, intelligent players are developed by placing them in situations where they are required to perceive, decide and execute quality football actions.

The holistic approach also develops the player’s mentality, helping them continue to enjoy the game and maximise their opportunity for development. Particularly in the higher levels of the game, the player mentality is key and can be the determining factor in unlocking player potential.

With the correct level of challenge and with the right feedback, each player’s confidence, composure, concentration, and character can be developed.


At the SDB Football Academy, players are developed to own the following qualities:

  • High cognitive ability
  • Versatility (creativity)
  • Ambidexterity (use both left and right feet equally well)
  • Good balance and coordination
  • Good character

Suitable for players in the U6-16 age groups, and focuses on developing the four
core skills when players are in possession of the ball:

  • First touch: Controlling the ball with all allowable body parts
  • Running with the ball: Running at speed with the ball, and dribbling in tight spaces, changing direction, and using techniques to protect the ball
  • 1v1: Using moves, creativity, and acceleration to beat the opponent
  • Striking the ball: Passing, crossing, and shooting

We provide an environment of high standards where:

  1. Each player believes that they are important to the team and the team is important to them.
  2. Individuals are supported to improve their tactical and technical understanding and psychological and physical attributes using the latest coaching and educational approaches.
  3. Players are encouraged to have the courage to take responsibility for their development and team performance through planning and review sessions.
  4. A consistent playing style enables each player to understand their role in the team.
  5. The SDB values are upheld.
  6. Parents are educated to ‘let the players play’ and not provide instructions from the sidelines.

Program Details

Term 1, 2023
Sydney – St George Area
Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays

Term start: 30th January 2023 | Term finish: 5th April 2023

Age groups: U6 to U16


U6-U9: Monday 4pm- 5pm and 5pm – 6pm
U6-U9: Wednesday 5pm- 6pm
U6-U9: Friday 4pm- 5pm and 5pm-6pm
U10-U16: Monday 6pm-7pm
U10-U16: Wednesday 6pm-7pm
U10-U16: Friday 6pm-7pm

Once week: $329 – 10 weeks ($32.90 per week)
Twice week: $540 – 10 weeks ($54 per week)
Three times per week: $675 – 10 weeks ($67.50 per week)

Location: The Cage – 60 Vanessa St, Beverly Hills NSW 2209

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Term 4, 2022

Sydney – St George Area
Mondays and Fridays

Term start: Monday 10th October 2022 | Term finish: Friday 16th December 2022

Age groups: U6 to U16


U6 – U9: 5:00pm to 6:00pm (Monday and Friday)

U10 – U16: 6:00pm to 7:00pm (Monday and Friday)

Once week: $319 – 10 weeks ($31.90/week)

Twice week: $520– 10 weeks ($52 per week)

Location: The Cage – 60 Vanessa St, Beverly Hills NSW 2209

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SDB Representative Program

Advanced level players from the Football Academy program will be selected into our Representative Program.

The focus of the SDB Representative Program is to select and retain players who will represent SDB in tournaments intra-state, nationally, and internationally. The objective is to increase their exposure to playing in high pressure environments so that it becomes normalised for them.

To be selected and retained, players will have to show their commitment, motivation, and skills.

Sold out term 4 Mondays and Fridays- please email info@soccerdebrazil.com for enquiry

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