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Futsal is the best tool for football player development

With 600% more touches of the ball in a session, futsal is the best tool for player development!

From futsal to the world stage: Pelé, Xavi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, the list is continuous, and they all started their football journey at Futsal proving this to be the best tool for players development.

Stars who spent their youth playing with the smaller, heavier futsal ball. A ball that could not be lofted into the air, but demanded speed of mind, fleetness of foot, flair and flamboyance.

At SDB Academy, we will provide you with the opportunity to train both Futsal and Football. As you train in both conditions, you see the impact Futsal will have on your outdoor game, boosting your skills and performance when playing for your outdoor Club.

Want to master the game? Increase your skills, confidence, and love for the ‘beautiful game’!

Ramp Up Your Development
PLAY “in the Future”

One of the most promising attitudes for a futsal player is to mentally anticipate what has not happened yet. It is about playing the “next instant”. And the success of a player’s performance during the game will depend fundamentally on the ability to react to unforeseen situations and take initiative:

  • Anticipate the intentions of opponents
  • Catch a ball or intercept a pass
  • Give a decisive or restraining pass
  • Select the right time and place to complete an attack or avoid a goal

Futsal is engaging, improves technique, quick decision-making and inspires creativity:

  • Boost your ability to play in tight situations (1v1s)
  • Pass more accurately
  • Become better at understanding tactics
  • Master ball control skills and off-the-ball movement
At SDB Academy, players are developed to a level where they get selected for the club’s Skills Acquisition Programs (SAP) National Premier League (NPL) youth teams, A-League teams and overseas football opportunities.
Benefits of futsal
Increases skills

With a lot more touches on the ball, less players on the court, and played with a heavier ball, futsal greatly improves players control, passing, and striking skills

Improves decision making

Futsal is a fast game, and decisions have to be made quickly. Training in a smaller area in a faster pace environment improves players decision making skills and reaction times much faster than the outdoor game

Inspires creativity

Players are put into more 1v1 situations and therefore need to be creative to overcome their opposition. We incorporate our Brazilian flair in our sessions to inspire, entertain, and educate.

Who is this program suitable for?

This program is suitable for players:

  • aged U6 – 16’s
  • who want to inject creativity into their playing style
  • who will benefit from improving their decision making skills
  • who want to increase their skills and confidence for the game
Secure Your Spot
What’s included in the program
  • Professional coaches
  • Once per week training + game day coaching
  • Player assessment
  • Match and registration fees into the competition
  • Matches will be played on either a Saturday or Sunday depending on the competition the team is entered into
What the stars say about futsal
Program details
Term 1, 2023

Sydney – St George Area
Wednesday’s and Friday

Futsal program in 2023 is by invite and trial

Please contact info@soccerdebrazil.com for more information

Location:The Cage – 60 Vanessa St, Beverly Hills NSW 2209

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Term 4, 2022

Sydney – St George Area
Wednesday’s and Friday

Term start:  12th October 2022 | Term finish: 16th December 2022

Age groups: U6 to U16


U6 – U9: 5:00pm to 6:00pm ( Wednesday and Friday )

U10 – U16: 6:00pm to 7:00pm ( Wednesday and Friday )

Term price:

Once week: $319 – 10 weeks ($31.90/week)

Twice week: $520  – 10 weeks ($52 per week)

Location:The Cage – 60 Vanessa St, Beverly Hills NSW 2209

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